Here you will find a list of services offered at NG. If you have any questions or can't find a specific service, please contact us and we'll work together to find a solution for your patient!

Removable Acrylic

NG-Elite Full Arch Denture
NG-Cast Combo With Flex Material
NG-Flex Partial
NG-Premium Cast Partial
NG-Acrylic Partial
NG-ColdFlex Temp Partial
Soft Liners
Denture Reline
Denture Repair

Crown and Bridge

From STL File or 3shape Trios Scan

3D Printed Model
Monolithic Multilayer Esthetic Zirconia Crown
Monolithic Multilayer Zirconia Bridge (per unit)
Zirconia Veneer
Milled Fixed Fee Gold Crown (55% Au)
Milled Fixed Fee Gold Crown (2%Au)

From Impression or 3D Printed Model

Treatment Plan Wax-Up
Zirconia Crown with Incisal Layering
Zirconia Bridge with Incisal Layering
Full Gold Bridge
PFM Crown (Noble Alloy Included)
PFM Bridge (Noble Alloy Included) (per unit)

Implant Abutments

Milled Titanium
Milled Zirconia Hybrid
Soft Tissue Model
Placement Jig

Implant Services

All On 4 Services (or any implant service)

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